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 Chronic constipation is a common condition affecting 14 percent of the general population. The level of decline in QOL is considered to be equivalent to that caused by rheumatoid arthritis. The annual loss is approximately 7,500 U.S. dollars per patient, and is causing a huge burden on the national healthcare system worldwide.

 While the only existing treatment of chronic constipation is by medication, such treatment is far from being effective for refractory patients. In some severe cases, surgical colectomy is recommended. It, however, is highly invasive and cures constipation at the price of having to suffer watery diarrhea for the rest of life. Therefore, the improvement in QOL is not sufficient, and is not a common treatment opted by these patients. As the patients are living with severe symptoms, treatment of refractory constipation remains a huge unmet medical need.

Alivas is developing a novel low-invasive one-time treatment option for refractory constipation.

Japan Biodesign originated Startup

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